Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday!

Happy Friday kiddos!

I don't know about all of you out there, but this week kind of freaking dragged, didn't it? I for one, am really happy it's over. With all the running around I've had to do with school, I'm definitely ready for some down time.

But am I actually going to get any? Who knows.

This weekend, Mike and I are going to look for a new car for me. My Explorer has been a good man in the storm, but it's days are seriously numbered. I can't imagine it lasting much longer without a substantial financial injection. It's actually pretty exciting, I'm just super nervous about making such a big financial commitment.

But I suppose that is the good thing about having steady work. We can do things like this now. What a different a couple of years makes. Two years ago, Mike and I were eating Top Ramen. Not that there is anything wrong with that, (in fact I think we have a couple emergency noodle cups in our pantry still!) but I'm glad to have stepped up the culinary ladder a bit.

In my morning news recap today, I stumbled upon a pretty cool article on the Food Network website. I actually took the time to read through the whole thing, and while most of the tips on this list are common practices for me, I really enjoyed some of the more abstract advice.

100 Great Cooking Tips

Definitely take a couple minutes and read through. I think number 76 is my favorite on the list. What's yours? Post it in the comments!!

I will try and cook SOMETHING this week and take pictures. Unless I'm asleep. Or out buying a car. Regardless, have a good weekend people!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My March Madness

My my. I find myself having not posted for WELL over a month again. My apologies dear readers. Life has definitely gotten the best of me these past weeks.

Let's see. Right after my last entry, we had Valentines day. Wonderful occasion this year. Mike and I perfected the pan-seared and finished in the oven steak I'd been longing for. I mean, really, it was good. Slight char/crunch on the outside and done to our choice of medium on the inside. Usually I dry steak out like beef jerky. It's really sad. So this was definitely an accomplishment. In fact, really need to schedule a repeat performance. I'm sure Mike will gladly oblige.

Speaking of my charming fiance, he is finally DONE with college. The week following V-Day, he presented his senior project, and that was that. Finito! That was also the week we decided we were moving. Good glory Hallelujah! Busy times. No wonder I didn't write. I had no time. So we found a cute little (actually not so little, 1100sp. ft, woo!) in Upland and got ready to move at the end of February.

Additionally, I threw Mike a graduation party the day before we moved. So you see, hectic. Making 6 trays of homemade lasagna the night before the party was fun. My eternal gratitude goes out to Katie, absolutely nothing would have gotten done without you girl, thanks!! The party and the move both came off without a hitch. All went smoothly.

So we ended February in a new home. Our first home.


Very big thing.

And we are absolutely loving it. So nice to have space to ourselves. And privacy. And quiet. Amazing times.

After the move, the weeks passed in a blur of home-decor shopping, my studying for finals (and I passed Calculus by the way, eff yes!) and enjoying my morning drive being cut down from 35 miles to 11. And now, here we are, at the end of March. I can hardly believe it. We've been in our new place for a month now. And I've just started new classes, so I'm perpetually busy. But life is sweet. So sweet in fact, I have a little love to share with you all.

With March being National Peanut Month, I tried my hand at PB brownies.

I made these brownies last weekend when we had some friends over for a small housewarming thing. They come together in a snap and are seriously, dangerously, delicious. You will not be able to only eat 1. It's impossible.

Try not to burn yourself eating them straight out of the pan, but if you do, I won't judge. Promise.

Chewy PB & Chocolate Chip Brownies

They are amazing. Enjoy folks. I'll be back!