Monday, August 11, 2014

Peanut Butter Heaven

So about a month ago, I was thinking about Katie’s upcoming birthday. I knew I had to make something delicious for her. Katie is a Reese’s fiend, so with that in mind, I made this pie that is pure heaven. Chocolate. Reese’s. Oreo crust. Boom. Amazing. The recipe is directly from What the Flicka. I was thinking about adapting it, but it’s freaking perfect all on it’s own.

Seriously, just look at that.

Ok, so it doesn't slice perfectly. Time to eat out of the pan!
That's what a sugar high looks like.
The things I do for my friends!!

Check out the above link for the recipe. It’s pretty simple to put together. However, I would recommend those calorie counters out there to save this baby for a fucking cheat day. This is not a healthy/diet safe dessert. But damn it… It’s delicious. Definitely worth a try.


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  1. It's delicious! Thanks lady! It definitely gets my approval!